This software has scored a perfect score in nearly all reviews I have seen. The software seems to be the best for your computer but sadly it comes at a price. I don’t mean with any damages to your PC I mean an actual price. In this I am going to be discussing if the price of the software is worth the security that comes with it.

Bullguard for one device is currently going for €23.96 with a special holiday deal but originally the software was going for €29.95. It seems a reasonable price of course and this is for one year. So rounded up you would normally be paying €30 a year for the security. Lets take a look at exactly what bullguard has to offer us for its price.

Straight away after opening bullguard you are given these options.

Straight away you are given the option to review what the software is doing at the time. Lets explore more into these.

When you go into one of the options you are given a more detailed selection. Of course after seeing it you are given many things that would be useful such as Weekly Reports, PC Tune up, Parental control etc. This is options which are not offered on many other softwares like this. The options you are given straight away are already making Bullguard look good.


The firewall on Bullguard is one of the strongest firewalls you can get your hands on. And to make it better you have full control over it too. You can review recent activity on the firewall which help keep an eye on any changes in the computer or to the firewall itself. You are given a message whenever anything new is brought on to your PC and given the option to block or allow it to have access to the internet.

Parental Control

For all paranoid parents the parental option is specifically designed for yous. It can filter what can be seen on the PC the software is installed on. The options are given in age groups which can filter out sexual content, controversial content and you are given the option to block certain URLs if needed. This makes Bullguard a favorite to parents and guardians.


The antivirus gives you the three main options. Quick scan, Full scan and Custom Scan. These scans are very effective with personal experience and it is pointed out in other reviews I have read. The scans are done in a reasonable amount of time and if a problem is detected you are given the option to take action straight away. This is a main function which is needed in all computers and even better when effective.


After reviewing Bullguard personally and researching other experiences Bullguard has been proven to be one of the best soft wares to have on a computer. I believe personally the price of Bullguard is very reasonable for the protection it is giving. And with the other options given Bullguard is giving more than other softwares at a better price.

In this blog I am not going to be saying which game is better, but will be saying which game would apply to you. Personally Battlefield would be my choice. But this is only a singular opinion. Both games have great things which can draw in more players but both have different pros and cons. I am of course going to be only talking about multiplayer as the campaign in battlefield games is nearly irrelevant to most Battlefield players so to make it a fair comparison I am not going to include the Zombies game mode or campaign in both games.. I am also going to be talking about call of duty games going up to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 as the online had completely changed and became something way to different to compare to Battlefield.

Game modes

In Battlefield you have a good list of game modes but the gamemode which brings in most players would be conquest. The goal of conquest is to capture the flags of the enemy team. There is two teams, Attack and Defence, the names of course are self explanatory. What is so great about conquest is that it is based in the games biggest maps. These go across seas to different Islands or go through an entire city. Much applied to a realistic gamer. You will have 24 players on each team and will be put into squads. You can respawn with your squad or at the other flags and your starting spawn point. You will also have access to a range of different infantry vehicles (jeeps, tanks, helicopters etc.) depending on the map you can have access to aerial and ground vehicles. The large apply to nearly all types of players whether you like to go mid distance with an assault rifle or if you like to get up close and personally you can go running up the front of the lines with your trusty shotgun or if you prefer to be far from the battle and assist your team you can hide in the mountains with a sniper. The realistic gun mechanics make it for a very intense game every time which will always have you on the edge of your seat. This game mode is the main reason players choose to play Battlefield and very understandably why.

In Call Of Duty you are always given a large list of game modes and nearly all are used as much as the other but I am going to be targeting certain ones which I feel are used the most. I am going to talk about the game modes separately. All maps are used in each game mode and each have been made to apply to all types. Remember that Call of Duty is restricted to only ground troop weaponry but do have perks you can earn by killing the enemy team in a row.


        Team Deathmatch

  • Two teams are set up against each other.
  • You can use any weapon you have available in your classes.
  • It is mainly for people looking to rush in and kill as many people as possible before the timer ends but it does apply to creative players too.
  • There is no locations to capture or objectives to follow except to kill as many players on the opposite team as possible.

         Search and Destroy

  • This game mode again has two teams. One team which are guarding a shipment from the other team and the other team who must plant a bomb at the shipment.
  • There is no respawn when you die in each round. 
  • In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 this game mode was given a new reason. There is a final kill cam which shows the last kill of the game in slow motion and players used this as a way to show off their “TrickShots”. 
  •  This I feel took away the fun part of the game and ruined search and destroy for many Call of Duty players. But thankfully the game has many other game modes which you can play instead.

         Free for All

  • This game mode is for players who find themselves very trigger happy.
  • You are loaded into a map with your own classes and with the intention to kill every person in sight.
  • This I feel is the best game mode for players who wish to test their skill and to really higher their K/D ratio.

         Gun Game

  • In gun game it is a constant battle for the last gun.
  • The game mode is started with every player with a pistol (or any other game if the lobby is edited) and every time you kill someone you go up to a stronger gun.
  • This game mode is very frustrating for new players as they would not be as skilled as other players and could end up being stuck on the same gun the entire game.
  • There is also humiliation and this is when a player is knifed and it causes them to go down a gun.
  • This game keeps you constantly on your toes as you are trying to stay in the position you are now.

Conclusion on game modes
I feel after writing this section that it is in need of its own conclusion. Comparing the two games in case of game modes Call of Duty would have more that you can choose from. Of course Battlefield has this too but not many players choose these options due to how everything is really put into one game mode. After this I would say that if you are looking to play a range of game modes to play Call of Duty but if you wish to stick to one thing and be the best at it to play Battlefield.


The players which play these games can range very widely. This is one of the downsides to multiplayer on call of duty. I have listed below players you are likely to encounter while you play. 

Mic WarriorsPlayers who get their fun by mocking and distracting other players on game.
Ranged agesPlayers can be very young and can be far into their older years.
HackersPlayers who hack their games to give them abilities like aimbot or invincibility.

These type of players are rare to find on games like Battlefield. This I feel is one of the things Battlefield betters than Call of Duty.

Of course other players can be irrelevant unless you are looking to make friends while playing. But if you are looking to get friends together to play in lobbies I feel that Battlefield would be best suiting for you because it is a completely different experience to other games as you don’t get to be a real squad in many online games in the world today. It can be a very bonding experience with friends and family because you really learn to work together while playing.In Battlefield it would be rare to find a player who fits the ones pointed out above. You mainly have people looking to play seriously and to be the best. Battlefield is not a place where you look to mess around but a place to go to if you want to sit down and win. But this doesn’t mean Battlefield is not a fun game. As you do find players who don’t want to mess around it is quite fun being able to put yourself in the boots of a soldier stuck in war without suffering the consequences.

After doing research and writing about this topic in my opinion Call of Duty is more for players who are looking to be able to both do the objectives and also be able to mess around more. But if you are sensitive to criticism Call of Duty almost definitely isn’t the game for you. But if you are looking to avoid this and looking to be able to try get the job done in a match I would recommend playing Battlefield as it has less abusive players and gives you more of a realistic version of warfare to play with.








In this blog I am going to be researching the iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8. I will research pros and cons relating to the phones and then give my personal opinion on which I feel is the best to have. I will target pros and cons which target to what I believe would suit the public.

iPhone 5

Much faster than past productsBattery Life does not last as long as advertised.
Strong back. Aluminium casing helps stops a lot of permanent damages.Stops supporting after iOS 11.
8 mpxl camera. No optical zoom on camera.
Contracts tend to be cheaper than other iPhones. Nano Sim card.
Light weight.New charger port.

Price: €190 – €210

The iPhone 5 is a very ideal phone for anyone not looking to keep your phone forever. But it has the capability to last as long as it is needed, especially with the pricing. The camera is quite good again for the pricing the phone goes for. The nano sim card can cause a bit of stress for people switching from phones that take bigger sim cards but this problem can be easily solved by getting it cut. The durability of this iPhone is quite impressive. It can be damaged outside and you would get the odd scratch on it but you would not easily have permanent distracting damage. The biggest flaw would be the battery life. The battery life would only last to about half the time as advertised after a while of usage. The change of charger port would cause some frustration from users using iPhones that are a lower model who are looking to upgrade.


iPhone 6

Screen Size.Size in general.
Single hand users tend to find it easy to use phone. Same memory size.
Touch ID.Easily bent.
Battery life.Smooth shape and size makes it easy to slip out of hands or pockets.
More added tech to camera.

Price: €270 – €300


I found it quite hard finding negative things to write about on this particular design. This seems to be where Apple really improved their tech. The screen size is ideal for youtube or netflix watchers but the overall size of the phone tends to get in the way. People complain saying it could barely fit in their pockets. The memory sadly did not increase in size unless you were to get the plus version of this phone. The battery problem from the past model was highly improved which I believe was the biggest problem of them all. It also had the best newest add on the Touch ID. This was a fingerprint scanner on the phone which made it better for people who believe they don’t have time for pass codes. The only bad thing about this is that if someone were to try get on you phone they could make you do it without noticing. This iPhone would be suiting to anyone who has money to spend and are looking for just what they need and not what they want. The biggest problem I believe is the smooth shape of the phone. This causes the phone to be easily dropped of to fall out of pockets which of course isn’t good.


iPhone 7

Water damage.Earphone Jack
Battery Life.Size and smooth shape.

Price: €470 – €500


The iPhone 7 has really balanced out the pros and cons in this one. It added so much but also lost so little and kept too much. The entire build and size of the phone stayed the same which still continues the grip and pocket problems. But the battery life was increased compared to the last design. This is a significantly big thing they can improve on as most apple users aren’t satisfied. Water damage was amazing in this design. Apple said and I quote “You can submerge it in 3 inches of water for 30 minutes and it will still function”. The iPhone 7 could have been a huge Pro overall compared to the rest of the designs but one feature which most people see as very important was taken. The earphone jack. This is a major flaw in any phone design as one of the main features of a smartphone is music nowadays. But even worse they had made new wireless earphones for the model called earpods. With the cheesy name making things worse they also made you look ridiculous.


iPhone 8

Battery Life.Earphone Jack.
Wireless Charging

Price: €730 – €830

The iPhone 8 is a tricky one to write about. As it is very similar to the iPhone 7 there are a few major differences. The processor is the best ever made and the battery life was boosted to about an hour more time than the past model. It also has the most updated version of bluetooth which is rare for phones these days. A major change also is the wireless charging. They felt they needed to change this due to complaints about wires getting in the way. The charge time is slower but would be more ideal for overnight charges. The casing was also made completely of glass which of course is not ideal for phones such as the iPhone. They also stuck with their design without an earphone jack which is not ideal.

From my research I have come to the conclusion that the best iPhone for the public is the iPhone 6. It may not be the most updated version but it has everything you would need in a smartphone and at a more reasonable price. Unless you have a lot of money to throw away I would not recommend any of the newer models and if you wish to get the best for a good price i would not get any of the lower models. The newer iPhones seem to be repeating too much and adding things no one is requesting.