Nixie clocks are amazing devices that use 50’s Soviet technology to produce a warm orange glow from it’s internal filament contained in a vacuum tube. Originally used for scientific technology as a way of displaying decimal numbers they said at the time that it would be impossible to make them commercially available as it would be too expensive for the consumer market.

As of recently a lot of hobbiests have been making nixie clocks out of new old stock (NOS) and making them publicly available through EBay. There is a particular watch made famous by Steve Wozniak called the Nixie Watch. It is developed by Cathode Corner, if you wish to have a look at one of the many designs of them.

But I’ll get to the point, Nixie clocks are not cheep, as they’re usually developed by one or two people working from home in their spare time. But as expensive as they are, they are a beautiful design, The way the digits are displayed, and the colour of them, they add a lot of warmth to the room they’re in.

A lot of people are addicted to these clocks, and with their power supply, they can last for years. So you can rest assured you’re getting what you pay for with these devices, but, this is if you should buy one. So… In my opinion, if you need a clock, and want something that not many people may have, as well as it being practical, I’d say yes, these devices are amazing, both in look, and in how they make the atmosphere feel.

So your website is a few years old, your still paying top money to keep it online, some inside your business think its fine and others think its a wreck. Well here’s a few reasons you may need to consider upgrading!So your website is a few years old, your still paying top money to keep it online, some inside your business think its fine and others think its a wreck. Well here’s a few reasons you may need to consider upgrading!
<h2>Your business has a stale online image</h2>
Does your site look like it’s stuck in the 18 hundreds? Guess what: everyone will assume your company is, too. Show off your new products, services and projects. You want people to know you’re doing well, staying current, and growing. Have you created a new logo, had a refresh of your business, or just realised you’re sick and tired of looking at your site? Get up to date and celebrate your newness, your achievments and your fresh outlook with a sharp, current website.
<h2>Your competition’s looking new, and you’re not</h2>
You want to keep up with others in your field. Better stay ahead of them. A new, cleaner look shows you can keep up with the latest in your industry the way you say you can. You want to be the business everyone sees as the leader. You’ll inspire confidence, always a great place to start.

<h2>Your website and online representation may no longer be aiming at your target market!</h2>
Your target may be changing, and you have to change ahead of them or you risk getting left behind. A new look and content make sure you’re speaking to the people you want to attract now.
<h2>Your site isn’t mobile-friendly</h2>
Over 65% of the web is now delivered through mobile traffic. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly site, you risk alienating a whole generation of smartphone users. This is crucial.
<h2>Your site isn’t interactive</h2>
Today’s marketing has changed. It’s not about telling people what you have (or guessing what you think they want). It’s about engaging them. Do you have ways for users to comment on your content? Give you direct feedback? If your site is all one way (you giving them information), you’re losing half the conversation(users with the potential to buy). Start by giving them more ways to comment, express, talk, respond and question.
<h2>Lets wrap it up</h2><h3>Think it’s too expensive to update your site?</h3>
Not anymore. A new site can give you an easy way to make updates as often as you need to, right from your office. These days, content is king, so you need to continually update the information on your website every week, every month, all year round. People (and search engines) respond best to new and changing content.
<h3>Time to take action!</h3>
You need to take action now to make this transition from the stone age of the web to the modern age with mobile friendly sites that have dynamic changing content, and have the ability to allow you to connect with your clients on a new level and gain insite into what they want and need. If your asociate your site with any of the above issues then you should seriously start looking into a new website and/or web developer.