Nixie clocks are amazing devices that use 50’s Soviet technology to produce a warm orange glow from it’s internal filament contained in a vacuum tube. Originally used for scientific technology as a way of displaying decimal numbers they said at the time that it would be impossible to make them commercially available as it would be too expensive for the consumer market.

As of recently a lot of hobbiests have been making nixie clocks out of new old stock (NOS) and making them publicly available through EBay. There is a particular watch made famous by Steve Wozniak called the Nixie Watch. It is developed by Cathode Corner, if you wish to have a look at one of the many designs of them.

But I’ll get to the point, Nixie clocks are not cheep, as they’re usually developed by one or two people working from home in their spare time. But as expensive as they are, they are a beautiful design, The way the digits are displayed, and the colour of them, they add a lot of warmth to the room they’re in.

A lot of people are addicted to these clocks, and with their power supply, they can last for years. So you can rest assured you’re getting what you pay for with these devices, but, this is if you should buy one. So… In my opinion, if you need a clock, and want something that not many people may have, as well as it being practical, I’d say yes, these devices are amazing, both in look, and in how they make the atmosphere feel.

In this blog I am going to be researching the iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8. I will research pros and cons relating to the phones and then give my personal opinion on which I feel is the best to have. I will target pros and cons which target to what I believe would suit the public.

iPhone 5

Much faster than past productsBattery Life does not last as long as advertised.
Strong back. Aluminium casing helps stops a lot of permanent damages.Stops supporting after iOS 11.
8 mpxl camera. No optical zoom on camera.
Contracts tend to be cheaper than other iPhones. Nano Sim card.
Light weight.New charger port.

Price: €190 – €210

The iPhone 5 is a very ideal phone for anyone not looking to keep your phone forever. But it has the capability to last as long as it is needed, especially with the pricing. The camera is quite good again for the pricing the phone goes for. The nano sim card can cause a bit of stress for people switching from phones that take bigger sim cards but this problem can be easily solved by getting it cut. The durability of this iPhone is quite impressive. It can be damaged outside and you would get the odd scratch on it but you would not easily have permanent distracting damage. The biggest flaw would be the battery life. The battery life would only last to about half the time as advertised after a while of usage. The change of charger port would cause some frustration from users using iPhones that are a lower model who are looking to upgrade.


iPhone 6

Screen Size.Size in general.
Single hand users tend to find it easy to use phone. Same memory size.
Touch ID.Easily bent.
Battery life.Smooth shape and size makes it easy to slip out of hands or pockets.
More added tech to camera.

Price: €270 – €300


I found it quite hard finding negative things to write about on this particular design. This seems to be where Apple really improved their tech. The screen size is ideal for youtube or netflix watchers but the overall size of the phone tends to get in the way. People complain saying it could barely fit in their pockets. The memory sadly did not increase in size unless you were to get the plus version of this phone. The battery problem from the past model was highly improved which I believe was the biggest problem of them all. It also had the best newest add on the Touch ID. This was a fingerprint scanner on the phone which made it better for people who believe they don’t have time for pass codes. The only bad thing about this is that if someone were to try get on you phone they could make you do it without noticing. This iPhone would be suiting to anyone who has money to spend and are looking for just what they need and not what they want. The biggest problem I believe is the smooth shape of the phone. This causes the phone to be easily dropped of to fall out of pockets which of course isn’t good.


iPhone 7

Water damage.Earphone Jack
Battery Life.Size and smooth shape.

Price: €470 – €500


The iPhone 7 has really balanced out the pros and cons in this one. It added so much but also lost so little and kept too much. The entire build and size of the phone stayed the same which still continues the grip and pocket problems. But the battery life was increased compared to the last design. This is a significantly big thing they can improve on as most apple users aren’t satisfied. Water damage was amazing in this design. Apple said and I quote “You can submerge it in 3 inches of water for 30 minutes and it will still function”. The iPhone 7 could have been a huge Pro overall compared to the rest of the designs but one feature which most people see as very important was taken. The earphone jack. This is a major flaw in any phone design as one of the main features of a smartphone is music nowadays. But even worse they had made new wireless earphones for the model called earpods. With the cheesy name making things worse they also made you look ridiculous.


iPhone 8

Battery Life.Earphone Jack.
Wireless Charging

Price: €730 – €830

The iPhone 8 is a tricky one to write about. As it is very similar to the iPhone 7 there are a few major differences. The processor is the best ever made and the battery life was boosted to about an hour more time than the past model. It also has the most updated version of bluetooth which is rare for phones these days. A major change also is the wireless charging. They felt they needed to change this due to complaints about wires getting in the way. The charge time is slower but would be more ideal for overnight charges. The casing was also made completely of glass which of course is not ideal for phones such as the iPhone. They also stuck with their design without an earphone jack which is not ideal.

From my research I have come to the conclusion that the best iPhone for the public is the iPhone 6. It may not be the most updated version but it has everything you would need in a smartphone and at a more reasonable price. Unless you have a lot of money to throw away I would not recommend any of the newer models and if you wish to get the best for a good price i would not get any of the lower models. The newer iPhones seem to be repeating too much and adding things no one is requesting.

Web design and development is a hugely evolving industry, as is any which is heavily based on user interaction its pretty much inevitable that we will see some big changes in 2017.Web design and development is a hugely evolving industry, as is any which is heavily based on user interaction its pretty much inevitable that we will see some big changes in 2017.
In this post we will look at some of the trends and predictions that will shape the world of web design in 2017. From elements to the latest technologies, expect to see these trends and more in the 2017 Web design world!
**1. Micro Interactions** <br>You may have seen this one coming. Since late 2015 designers and developers have been using micro interactions the first time most may have seen this would probably have been in Android lollipop, when google made their app draw open up with mini animation of a simple circle it changed from that point how android would be used. It made the android user interface more appealing and approachable to new users and as this concept becomes more and more accessible to web designers and developers through various frameworks such as css3 and some new js frameworks we should expect to see some really cool and outside the box designs with micro interactions in this new year.

**2. Mobile First Approach?!**<br>I know this isn’t anything new the whole of last year was spent with companies making the change to mobile first but that’s not what this is about. With mobile design there are more restrictions than say designing for a 15 inch laptop, we strongly believe that this time next year that will no longer be the case as we’ve seen in just the last year more and more developers are putting new technologies together to allow designers to put the same amount of information on a mobile device. We’ve seen a huge shift of clients who want their site on mobile first with the same features as the desktop alternative. With this demand in the industry expect to see mobile functionality overtake your PC on the web maybe just a little bit.
**3. Interactive Storytelling**<br>Storytelling is a huge part of any website and when done right can attract a huge amount of visitors to your website. here are some of the storytelling tools we think are going to change in the next year; <br>a. Video <br>Using video to communicate a brand message is nothing new we see it every day on tv. However, this will change on the web. Expect to see more brand-related videos on websites in 2017, We believe video will take up 72% of web traffic. <br>b. Bots  <br>With a huge effort being put into making the web more user-friendly and interactive developers will add bots to their sites to help users do various activities throughout their websites and applications. This will make the web more personal and interactive.
**4. Haptic Feedback**<br>This isn’t exactly a new concept. In fact, you may already have a haptic feedback-enabled device such as a phone or tablet. With the mobile-first initiative developers will be soon able to take full advantage of the haptic/ tactile feedback engines in your device. This is currently in testing so do expect to see this roll out in the next 12 months.
**5. Performance & Analytics Insights**<br>Your websites design aspects hang greatly on its functionality. In 2017 we believe brands will pay more attention to performance metrics and user behaviour on their website. These metrics will go way beyond unique visitors and latest page views. With analytics that can tell you which part of your site to improve and which parts to discard or redesign this will allow brands to further increase their engagement and get more conversions and their users to the end goal faster.
These are just five out of thousands of new trends to come to the world of the internet. Developers and designers take note when your making a website or application in january take these technologies into account.