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The Natosoft Beta is designed for Developers and Sales personel who are looking for an easier way to manage their clients. This is an application that will allow you to manage all your projects in one effortless interface. It allows for estimates, invoicing & payment processing, including reoccuring payments. Using their client account, your clients will be able to view project progression and have access to their invoices. This system will allow you to host client websites/apps using the Natosoft severs

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Come and join Natosoft as a Member or Client and gain a huge advantage on your competitors, for Members you get access to the Members panal of Natosoft allowing you to add your clients, manage their projects, collab with others, and get paid easily! For Clients you get a Natosoft Quality seal of approval on your new website and mobile apps or any other project either direct from us or through a Natosoft Member.


News, Tips and Tricks from the Natosoft team

Web Design Trends for 2017

Thomas Behan - December 19, 2016
Web design and development is a hugely evolving industry, as is any which is heavily based on user interaction its pretty much inevitable that we will see some big changes in 2017.

5 Signs You Need a New Website

Thomas Behan - December 09, 2016
So your website is a few years old, your still paying top money to keep it online, some inside your business think its fine and others think its a wreck. Well here's a few reasons you may need to consider upgrading!

What is Cloud Computing?

Thomas Behan - July 16, 2016
Welcome to the Natosoft Blog. This is a new addition to the Natosoft website, we added this blog to our network to allow everyone to get the latest from the computing industry and also for some weekly tips and tricks to the online world. For our first post we thought we’d start off simple with the question of “what is cloud computing”, so let's get cracking.